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Water Calculation Requirement

We will require a water calculation worksheet to be provided with all 1 and 2 family dwellings and also any commercial projects up to 15 plumbing fixtures. As new plumbing products and systems are becoming available to plumbers, some are overlooking these different friction losses. Materials that have these losses may require larger sizing. Use our Water Calculation Worksheet (PDF).

Sewer Backflow Prevention

For pictures of your backwater valve device, that may be located within your building drainage system. When finishing your basement, these 2 covers must be accessible. Learn more about how your backwater device operates (PDF).

Sewer Lateral Tracer Wires

This information is again, reminding us about the new Wisconsin Law, Act 425, that states that any non-conductive water or sewer laterals installed shall include a locating wire or other effective means for marking the location of the lateral. This includes sewers, private interceptors, water services and private water mains that connect to a municipal service. This law is effective. The City of Sun Prairie has been enforcing this as of January 1, 2007. We have been disclosing this information to both the plumbers and excavators that have been in our area since July of 2006.

Now, the Department of Commerce has issued a new draft of rules for the installation of this wire. The City of Sun Prairie has had to modify our standard because of this change. They are as follows:

  • The requirement of a 10 or 12 gauge solid copper wire with a plastic coating green in color for sanitary laterals and brown in color for storm laterals.
  • The wire for sanitary shall be attached to the water box/water shut off. It shall be wrapped to this, extending to grade. If the wire is not able to go under sidewalk, place a steel rod opposite side the sidewalk directly in front of curb stop/shut off and attach to it (The wire shall be buried at least 18").

Air Admittance Valve Requirements

If you are installing these devises on your drainage system, remember all air admittance valves must have a test that is witnessed by the Plumbing Inspector.