Sign Permits & Fees

Signs Requiring Permits

If you erect, build, alter, or relocate, a sign permit is needed. Also, if sign requires any electrical work, an electrical permit will also be required.

Types of signs that require permits (Pricing is $50 + $1 per square foot of sign):

  • Wall Sign - Not to project more than 18" from the wall's surface
  • Ground Sign - Bottom edge within 1' of ground (If it is greater than 1' it is considered a pylon sign)
  • Projecting Sign - Allowed only in the Central Commercial Zoning District
  • Pylon Sign - A free-standing sign that is not a ground sign
  • Group Sign - For multi-tenant buildings and properties
  • A-Frame / sandwich board sign (Priced annually at $25, you will need to fill out a new permit and submit payment each calendar year

 A-Frame Sandwich Boards must also adhere to the following rules:

  • May be displayed only during the day (Must be taken down every night)
  • 1 sign displayed per business
  • Cannot be placed on bike paths
  • Cannot be larger than 2' x 4' if single-sided or 2' x 3' if double-sided
  • Must be placed to allow for 4 to 6' of cleared sidewalk width

Note: If your sign is on Highway 151 or Highway 19, you may need additional permits from the state!

Types of Signs That Do Not Require Permits

  • Address and Nameplate*
  • Artwork
  • Athletic Scoreboard
  • Construction Sign*
  • Flags
  • For Sale or For Rent Sign*
  • Government Sign*
  • Holiday Signs and Decorations
  • Instructional Sign*
  • Interior Sign
  • Memorial Sign
  • Parking Lot Sign*
  • Political Sign*
  • Real Estate Group Sign*
  • Real Estate Subdivision Sign*
Wave  Banners
  • Time and Temperature Sign*
  • Under Canopy Sign*
  • Vehicle Sign*
  • Wave Banners
  • Window Display*

*While these signs may not require permits, there are some regulations concerning different aspects of them. Please review the city code to see the sign ordinance in its' entirety.

Additional Information

Please be aware that displaying inappropriate signage and/or not completing a Sign Permit Application is a violation of city ordinance and you can be fined. View the complete Sign Brochure (PDF).