FencesFence Installation Requirements

  • A completed Building Permit Application
  • A site plan showing your lot, location of all buildings on the lot and the proposed project
  • In some cases, subdivision approval is also required (Contact your subdivision representative for more information, our office does not have subdivision representative contact information)
  • Sample-Fence-Location-PDF

Construction & Maintenance Requirements

  • The decorative or finished side must face outward. Supporting members and braces or posts shall be on the inside toward the subject property.
  • Acceptable materials for constructing fencing include:
    • Brick
    • Chain link
    • Stone
    • Wire mesh
    • Wood
    • Wrought iron
    • Vinyl
    • Note: Chain link or wire mesh is not permitted for front yard or street yard fences
  • Barbed wire, razor wire, electric wire or similar materials are not permitted. Fences may be located on the rear or side property lines, but no closer than 2 feet to the front or street yard property lines (right of way). The maximum height is 6 feet for rear yards and side yards.
  • The maximum height is 4 feet for required front yards and street yards. Fences must be kept in good repair.


Fences must be inspected by city staff for location, height and building materials standards. Inspections may be requested in your OpenGov portal or see the Inspection Request page for more information.