GaragesSheds (1)Accessory Structures

When newly constructing a shed or garage or when adding on to an existing garage, a Zoning Permit (PDF) and Building Permit (PDF) are required. These buildings must be built in a similar style and with similar materials to the principal building. They cannot be located between the principal building and the street frontage of the same lot. No detached structure can be located in the required setback (setbacks can vary per subdivision).

In some cases, subdivision approval is also required, some subdivisions may not allow accessory structures. Contact your subdivision representative for more information. Our office does not have subdivision representative contact information.


Excess of 1,000 square feet require a conditional use permit. Contact our Planning Department for a Conditional Use Permit.

Utility Sheds

Sheds 80 square feet (8 by 10 feet) or under in size do not require a permit. Sheds shall be secured to the ground or floor.

Sheds are not allowed in front or street yards.

Sheds must be located at least 5 feet from side and rear lot lines.

If a shed is within 10 feet of the house it requires fire separation.

Shed Brochure

Call Diggers Hot Line! Dial 811 or 1-800-242-8511

To obtain a permit for one of these structures you will need to submit all of the following to the Building Inspection Department:

  • A completed Building Permit Application
  • A blueprint drawing of the proposed structure
  • A site plan showing your lot, the location of all buildings on the lot, and the proposed structure
  • In some cases, subdivision approval is also required (Contact your subdivision representative for more information)