Solar APP+ Solar PV Permitting for One and Two-Family Homes

The City of Sun Prairie is proud to announce our partnership with SolarAPP+ in an effort to streamline and standardize permitting for certain solar installations within the City.

SolarAPP+ was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as a platform to standardize plan review that will perform compliance checks and approvals for eligible solar systems.  SolarAPP+ has been approved for use by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services statewide.

Sun Prairie is incorporating the use of SolarAPP+ for new roof mount installations on one or two-family homes with or without battery storage.  For alterations to existing systems, the installation of ground mount systems for one or two-family homes, or the installation of all commercial systems, please use the following link:

Non-SolarAPP+ Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

How to get started with SolarAPP+

If you have used SolarAPP+ before:

  1. Go to SolarAPP+:
  2. Once you receive your approvals, go to our online permit portal at OpenGov and select the SolarAPP+ Permit application:
  3. You will need your contractor information, SolarAPP+ approval ID number, approval document, and spec sheet document.
  4. Complete the form and upload your documents.
  5. Pay for your permit.
  6. Receive your automatic permit approval documents.
  7. Click here for instructions on how to schedule an inspection once your project is complete.

If you have not used SolarAPP+ before, you will need to complete the following steps first before following the submission steps above:

  1.  Register an account at SolarAPP+:
  2. Take these two trainings and submit completion certificates into the SolarAPP+ registration portal:
  3. SolarAPP+ team will notify you when you are enabled to submit a project in Sun Prairie. 
  4. If you have any issues during SolarAPP+ registration or submitting a project in their system reach out to SolarAPP+ at:

For projects that do not qualify for SolarAPP+ submissions, please go to this page for further instructions:

Non-SolarAPP+ Solar Photovoltaic (PV)