Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permit

You may need to submit an Erosion Control Permit to the Engineering Department and the Dane County Land Conservation Department for commercial, industrial and residential dwelling projects larger than 2-family construction.

When an Erosion Control Permit is Required

  • Disturbing 4,000 square feet or more of land
  • Disturbance takes place on a 12% or greater slope
  • Disturbing more than 100 LF of ditch, grass waterway, or other land where surface drainage flows
  • Excavation results in the removal or filling of 400 cubic yards
  • Where 125 feet of new public or private street is constructed
  • When land disturbance occurs adjacent to or draining to a sensitive area

When a Stormwater Permit is Required

  • Any development after August 22, 2001 results in the cumulative addition of 20,000 square feet of impervious surface to the site
  • Any development that requires a subdivision plat
  • Any development that requires a certified survey map for property intended for commercial or industrial use
  • Any redevelopment as defined by Section 15.30.050 of the Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Any land development that the city determines may significantly increase downstream runoff volumes, flooding, soil erosion, water pollution, or property damage, or significantly impact a stream, creek, wetland area, or body of water
  • Agricultural development that creates new impervious surface area exceeding 20,000 square feet on the site