2019-2022 Council and Mayor Strategic Plan

Sun Prairie's Strategic Plan is a road map to achieving the City Council's Vision and Strategic Priorities. This plan aligns the Council's vision and staff operation. Since the plan's inception, staff have worked diligently to complete actions to support the vision and priorities you see below. Strategic Plan cover page Opens in new window

The focus areas to guide us toward our vision are:

Housing and Neighborhoods
Sun Prairie is a place of vibrant and robust neighborhoods made up of housing with options for all.  There are options in all price ranges for those that desire to rent or own. If you work in Sun Prairie, there is housing affordable for you. Public resources are invested to produce housing for people of limited resources. We have housing options for all phases of life. Housing is designed to accommodate all abilities. People who come into our city have the opportunity to put down roots and grow with our community. The neighborhood association network is strong, affording new residents opportunities to connect with neighbors and the greater city. 

Downtown and Central Corridor Vibrancy
Our Downtown and Central Corridor is a bustling place with entertainment, dining, housing, and cultural opportunities. This area has restaurants, breweries, and music venues that host active entertainment day and night. Downtown is easy to get to by bike, car, foot, bus, ride-sharing, taxi, or train.  There are many people living in downtown and throughout the central corridor. The historic character of downtown remains, while offering modern amenities. The breadth of retail and personal services offer great options for folks visiting and living in Sun Prairie. Residents are young and old and reflect many cultures and ethnicities. Some folks live and work right in the area.  It’s great to listen to music in outdoor public spaces.  Downtown, including Ashley Field, are destinations, hosting a wide variety of community, cultural, sports, and entertainment events.

Dynamic Economy
Sun Prairie is the home of many cutting-edge businesses applying innovative practices and technology to bring new and exciting products to the market every day.  These businesses employ many highly skilled, highly paid Sun Prairie residents. In addition, Sun Prairie is home to people who work for companies that are physically located all across the country and world. These employees work from their homes and are supported by local state of the art communication technology.  There are maker and incubator spaces which support entrepreneurs whose businesses grow into employers in our community that provide career opportunities for residents. The robust nature of the Sun Prairie business community allows our local economy to thrive, even as new technologies disrupt markets and the business environment changes.

Complete Transportation Network
The community has multiple modes of transportation, ensuring the entire population has options for safe and efficient travel. The City has multiple alternatives for travel including pedestrian walkways, biking lanes, and mass transit. Extensive investment by our community ensures that all residents can access its amenities. Our regional network assures access to everything around us.

Human Services
The community offers a wide range of human services to assist residents to live to their full potential. There are programs that assure people not only survive but thrive. Among our many service providers and organizations are our libraries, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Sunshine Place, Community Schools, Colonial Club, as well as medical clinics, hospitals and other services that help people form relationships, address problems, and get their needs met. The city is a center for regional coordination of these services which support youth and families throughout the area. 

Sustainable Sun Prairie
Sustainability is a community aspiration. It includes City government, which demonstrates leadership in sustainable practices through promotion, education, and incentives to move our community toward locally produced solar, wind, and geothermal energy. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy city fleet vehicles, buses, and taxis. As our City grows, sustainable land use development, storm water reduction, reduced light pollution, and non-green consumer practices such as the use of poisonous lawn chemicals, remain a top priority. Our residents are part of ensuring a high quality ecosystem for the future.

Quality City Services 
City services are efficient, friendly, and competent. In addition to maintaining roads, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electric infrastructure, sidewalks, bike paths, we anticipate future needs.  An ambitious public building program ensures that we can continue to provide high quality services to residents as we grow. Residents are safe and well-served through appropriate police and fire/EMS stations. City staff ensure effective communication with residents so that they understand our services and can be both informed and participative.

Employer of Choice
In Sun Prairie, our City employees are essential to our success. We have excellent public services which can only be provided by a dedicated and talented staff.  City leadership is committed to providing an excellent salary and benefit package. We routinely solicit input from our employees and implement changes that enhance the work experience. The community benefits from City employees who have an amazing workplace culture where people work together toward common goals. We have a diverse workforce where all are respected and included.

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2020 Strategic Plan Update

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, an update on the Strategic Plan was presented at Committee of the Whole. 

The presentation reviewed progress on the 36 priorities in the Strategic Plan and identified ways the City has continued to creatively meet its 2035 vision during these unprecedented times.  Click on the image on the left for the presentation.

2021 Report Opens in new window2021 Strategic Plan Update

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, an update on the Strategic Plan was presented at Committee of the Whole. 

The presentation reviewed progress on the 36 priorities in the Strategic Plan and identified ways the City has continued to move toward the Council and Mayor's 2035 Vision for Sun Prairie.

Click on the image on the left for the presentation. View the report here.