Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee consists of 7 members. Five of the seats are filled by current Alders and two of the seats are reserved for citizen members:

  1. Alder Emily Lindsey (Chair)
  2. Alder Al Guyant
  3. Alder Maureen Crombie
  4. Fuastina Bohling (Citizen Member)
  5. Joy Matthews (Citizen Member)


Some of the responsibilities of the Personnel Committee include:

  • Participate in city contract negotiations with bargaining units. Recommend council action regarding tentative agreements.
  • Participate in the interview process for department head positions. Review and approve final candidates for appointment to these positions.
  • Review and approve department head contracts.
  • Review and recommend council action regarding personnel policies.
  • Review and recommend council action regarding workplace safety policies.
  • Review and approve changes and modifications to the non-union pay plan and classification of nonunion positions.
  • Review and approve annual changes to city fringe benefit packages.
  • Receive and review various staff reports on personnel actions throughout the city administration.
  • Hear and decide on city administrator recommendations regarding department head suspensions and dismissals.
  • Consider any other matters which will be referred by the council or committee of the whole.

The duties of the Personnel Committee can be found under Section 2.08.050 of the Municipal Code

Meeting Agendas

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Meeting Minutes

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