Operator/Bartender License

Operator's Licenses are now online through OpenGov.  

Anyone applying for a new operator's license must complete the Responsible Beverage Server Training Course or show proof that they have been a licensed operator in the last two years in another Wisconsin municipality.

All renewal applications must include a copy of your Driver's Licenses, which can be easily uploaded into your account.

Simply go to this link to create or log in to your account in OpenGov.

Moving forward, once you create an account, you can apply for multiple licenses through the City each year, using the same account (including Dog License/Operator’s License/Special Event/etc). 

 Your personal OpenGov account will allow you to:

  • Submit a new/renewal Operator’s License Application
  • Make a payment with an online payment option
  • Track the progress of your Operator’s License
  • Message the City with questions or comments regarding your application
  • Print your Operator’s License (THE CLERK’S OFFICE WILL ONLY PRINT UPON REQUEST).  Once approvals have been completed, the system will notify you when printing is available.  All applicants have the ability to print at home.

Each individual applicant will be responsible for applying for their own license.  Once your license is approved and printed, it will be your responsibility to seek possible reimbursement from your employer.

 If there are any questions, contact us by emailing licensing@cityofsunprairie.com.  

License Fee

  • $35.00 per year
  • $7.00 Background Check

Estimated Processing Time: 3-5 business days

All licenses expire on June 30

Wisconsin approved training courses

Ordinance Chapter 5.08

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