Planning Division

The Planning Division has a broad set of duties and responsibilities that are primarily related to the growth and development of the City. We are responsible for the preparation, maintenance, and implementation of the City's long-range plans, and coordinate the City's review process for proposed development and redevelopment projects occurring both within the City limits and, to some extent, beyond our boundaries. We work closely with other City departments to provide recommendations to the City Council and many of its boards and commissions on infrastructure decisions, policy issues, development and redevelopment proposals, and economic development issues, among other items.

The Planning Division provides the primary staff support for the City's Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Joint Extraterritorial Zoning Committee, and also assists with staff support for the Public Works Committee, Community Development Authority, Finance Committee, Transit Committee and many other boards and committees as needed. We also work closely with City residents and the development community to help answer questions about zoning and development issues and are a resource for the public for maps and information related to our plans and development policies.

We hope you find our webpage useful and are able to find the information you need. If not, feel free to contact us during regular business hours at 608-825-1107 or by email.