Stormwater Projects & Tips

Keeping Pollutants Out of Our Waterways

You probably don't realize it, but you live on 'waterfront property.' In fact, most everyone in Sun Prairie lives on a lake or stream when it comes to stormwater runoff. That's because the distance between your yard and the waters' edge is as close as the nearest storm drain or ditch.

Storm Drain

Like many communities across the country, Sun Prairie faces serious challenges on how to effectively deal with stormwater runoff. Stormwater pollution, which is a serious threat to our environment, can be controlled if everyone takes a part in managing what drains into the streets where they live and work. By looking after your local drain, you can help improve what happens to the groundwater and to the beaches, rivers, and lakes that are so critical to Wisconsin's economy and quality of life.


Sun Prairie's Stormwater Management Program

In order to reduce pollutants from entering our waterways, the city is improving our stormwater management plan annually. The program is mandated by the federal government and is funded by a utility fee levied on citizens ($8.50 per month) and businesses (based on size).

Storm Water Runoff

Learn more about the city’s program and about simple steps you can take to reduce stormwater pollution by reading our newsletters:

A Member of the Stormwater Partnership

Sun Prairie is a member of the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership (17 central Dane County municipalities, Dane County and UW-Madison), which submitted a storm water discharge permit to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Rather than applying for the permit individually, these municipal entities joined forces to save time, money, and resources.

Their website has a plethora of information of how citizens’ daily activities can have a positive impact on Dane County’s water resources. Please see their February 2020 newsletter here.