Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting the City of Sun Prairie's Engineering Department webpage. The department provides a wide array of municipal engineering services. The mission of the city Engineering Department is to manage the development and maintenance of the city's infrastructure in a fiscally prudent and professional manner.

The following is a list of some of the services provided by the department:

  • Review and approve various permit applications including Driveway Permits, Street Opening Permits, and Erosion Control / Stormwater Management Permits.
  • Provide engineering oversight for the city's stormwater utility.
  • Develop construction schedules for the city's street, storm sewer, and pedestrian improvement projects.
  • Provide designs and construction management on city funded public improvement projects.

Regular Engineering Updates:

Update as of June 5th:
The contractor is capping the old water main at S Bird Street today along with installing a water service. Tuesday and Wednesday they will be installing watermain on the east end of Commercial Ave. They will not be in Kronke Drive this week.
Thursday they will be installing storm sewer on the west end of Commercial Ave, this may go into Friday as well.
Thank you for your cooperation.