Pre-Trial Conference

Pre-trial conferences are scheduled when a not guilty plea is registered. Pre-trial conferences are an opportunity for the defendant and the City Attorney to discuss the facts of the case and attempt to resolve any issues in an effort to avert the issue from going to trial.

If you attend your initial court appearance and pleaded not guilty, the court clerk will schedule you for a pre-trial conference with the city attorney, which will be held at a future date and time. You'll receive a court date notice indicating your pre-trial date and time frame. If you don't attend and mail or drop off your not guilty plea prior to your court date, a notice will be mailed to you accordingly. The city attorney's name and telephone number is on the bottom of this form for your reference.

Pre-trial conferences are generally scheduled the 2nd and last Wednesdays of the month.

Plea Agreements

The judge reviews all plea agreements reached between a defendant and the city attorney. He either approves or rejects the plea agreement. Rejected plea agreements will either be renegotiated or scheduled for trial.