Employee Commute Card Program

Madison Metro

The City of Sun Prairie will begin administering an employee commute card program in 2023 to encourage employees to take transit to and from work, and to support a more sustainable environment. The employee commute card allows for annual unlimited rides on Madison Metro Transit buses for eligible employees. 

Employee commute cards are available anytime during the year at the front counter on first floor of city hall, 300 East Main Street, Sun Prairie.

Employee eligibility:

  • Full-time, part-time and seasonal employees in good standing are eligible for the program during their employment.
  • Eligible employees must be actively working during the period in which they hold the commute card.
  • During a leave of absence or break in employment (seasonal) for a period of 30 days or more, the commute card may be deactivated.
  • A valid commute card must be used when boarding the bus. Passengers may be asked to present a valid photo ID card when asked.
  • A replacement fee may be charged to replace a lost or stolen commute card.
  • Defective commute cards will be replaced at no cost.
  • Commute cards may be requested via email (treasurer@cityofsunpriarie.com) or picked up in-person from the front counter of city hall on first floor.
  • Annual commute cards must be renewed in January of each year with the Finance Department.


  • Elected Officials, pollworkers, or Board, Commission, and Committee members do not qualify for the city commute card program.
  • The commute card is for employee use only and may not be sold or transferred. The commute card may be confiscated or deactivated if misused.
  • Invalid commute cards must be turned over to the Metro operator upon discovery when boarding. The boarder will be allowed to ride the bus one time and must contact the city Finance Department to get a new valid commute card if they qualify.
  • Employee commute cards must be returned or routed back to the Finance Department if the employee’s employment with the City of Sun Prairie has ended. Commute cards that are not returned will be canceled and will not be valid for use on Metro buses.
  • All riders must abide by Madison Metro Transit code of conduct and applicable riding rules.

Obtain your employee commute card

You can obtain an employee commute card any time throughout the year.

New employees cannot obtain a commute card until their first day of work.   If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the Human Resources Department at (608) 825-1174.

You can obtain an employee commute card two ways:

  1. Request an employee commute card via email (treasurer@cityofsunprairie.com). We will verify your eligibility and route your commute card to your department.
  2. Obtain your commute card at the front counter of city hall on first floor. Be sure to bring your photo ID.

Commute card usage

To use the employee commute card, you must have both the commute card and a photo ID with you when you board the bus. Swipe your commute card upon boarding the bus. The bus driver may request to see your photo ID.

Want a walk-through guide on how to use the bus? Try the Madison Metro “how to ride” page for details.

Commute cards are non-transferable: only the person assigned the commute card may use it. Your card is subject to confiscation if misused. Commute card use and replacement activity is monitored for fraud. Commute card privileges will be revoked for customers found in violation of this policy.

Leaving your position? 

Commute cards must be returned or routed back to the Finance Department if your employment ends with the City of Sun Prairie.  The city will regularly monitor work hours of those enrolled in the program to verify eligibility.

Employee commute cards not returned will be cancelled and become invalid.

Replacement Employee Commute Card

If a commute card is lost or stolen, customers should immediately notify the city by calling the Finance department (608) 837-2511.  Leave a detailed message including your name and work location if reporting after normal business hours.  A replacement commute card may be secured by returning to the front counter on first floor of city hall.   Be sure to bring a photo ID.

A commute card reported to the city as lost/stolen is no longer valid for use on Metro buses.

Defective commute cards or cards that no longer function properly due to normal wear and tear will be replaced free of charge.