Police Officer Recruitment Process

POLICE OFFICER BACKGROUND PACKET (PDF) - To be completed if selected for panel interviews

The first round of testing for 2019 has concluded at this time. Our second round of testing is TBD, but is tentatively schedule for February 2020. Applicants interested in this round of testing should apply by January 26, 2020.

Sun Prairie Police Department does a continuous application process throughout most of the year. Interested applicants can complete an online application at any time the position is posted, but are encouraged to apply within three months of availability (ex: if anticipating graduation in May, apply in February). The timing of the testing process will depend upon the number of current vacancies, as well as the number of applications that we receive.

Please direct ALL correspondence regarding the recruitment process or your application to the Human Resources department to allow a more timely response.

Police Officers posing with kids

Our next testing and recruitment process will occur when a vacancy occurs within the department and enough applicants have applied. The recruitment process will include:

  • A candidate orientation and written test (score of 70% or better required).
  • Applicants are then selected based upon: written test score, veteran/ military service, bilingual skills, LESB certifiable status, 60 college credits, completed degree, connection to Sun Prairie, prior law enforcement experience, community involvement/ volunteerism, experience with cultural diversity, and problem solving/ decision-making skills.
  • Those selected will interview with a combined panel of police and fire commission members and sworn officers (interview score of 70% or better required to proceed).
  • Police chief interviews and background investigation.

The Written Exam (Stanard POST test) will be administered at various times of the year. This is a general-aptitude test involving reading comprehension, basic math skills, grammar, and spelling. Candidates must score 70% or better on the Written Exam to continue in the process. Study guides are available for $4.00 during regular business hours of 8am to 4:30pm (Monday through Friday) at the Sun Prairie Police Records locations (300 East Main Street and 2598 West Main Street).