How do I know if the city has declared a Snow Emergency?

When 3 or more inches of snowfall occurs, the City declares a "Snow Emergency." Parking is prohibited on all streets until the snow emergency has been cancelled. Cars parked on a City street in violation of a Snow Emergency may be ticketed or towed. There is a $50.00 fine for parking in violation of a Snow Emergency.

Snow Emergency warnings are called in to local radio and TV stations. You may also check the city website and our Facebook or call the Department of Public Works at 608-837-3050.

Another option is to sign up for Nixle. Nixle is free and every time a Snow Emergency is declared, an alert will be sent out to those that are signed up. Information can be received online and via e-mail. Residents receive messages by phone as part of their text-messaging plan (otherwise standard text message rates apply). The system is simple to use and provides an easy sign-up process. Register now and learn more at the Nixle website.

Nixle’s Community Information Service is built exclusively to provide secure and reliable communications. Its authenticated service connects City agencies to citizens in real time, delivering information to residents of geographically targeted areas and neighborhoods. Citizen questions about the service and its capabilities can be answered through the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Nixle website. Should you need additional assistance, Nixle provides free citizen support via email.

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