Sun Prairie EMS is proud to welcome the PulsePoint App into our community. PulsePoint is a smart phone app that allows everyday citizens to become citzen superheros by responding to help victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Those who download the app will be alerted* when someone requires CPR if:

  • they are within a quarter mile from the scene of the cardiac arrest
  • the cardiac arrest occured in a public place, (not a private residence)
  • there are no special concerns that would make the scene dangerous to a civilian responder

Once you receive and alert*, the app will provide you with directions and tell you where the nearest Automated External Defibrillator, (AED), is located.

Together, our citizen superheros, the paramedics and other first responders of Sun Prairie are improving survival rates of out of hospital cardiac arrest. Thank you!

*Note: You must enable alerts for the app to send you notifications when your help is needed. 

If you respond to a PulsePoint notification, please make sure that you use common sense and keep yourself safe while doing so. DO NOT endanger yourself or others.

What will PulsePoint look like on your smart phone?

PulsePoint in the news!

News 3, (WISC-TV), featured PulsePoint on their news cast. Watch the video to learn more about how this app is helping save lives in Dane County.


Our First Responders ask that you use PulsePoint responsibly, and only to assist victims of out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest.  We ask that you refrain from using the app to track ambulances or fire trucks, or post information or screen shots of the app on social media like Facebook.  Using the app as intended helps keep you and our responders safe.