File of Life

Emergency medical personnel arrive at the home of an older adult, only to find him / her unconscious or confused. They have few facts to go on. Does the patient have any existing conditions? Are they taking any medications? Do they have any allergies? The medics frantically dig through the medicine cabinet looking for medications, while precious seconds tick by.

Blank of example of a File of Life information card

To help in such a situation, Sun Prairie EMS uses a program called the File of Life™. This program is for the elderly or anyone with significant health history. They are available for free to any residents of the City of Sun Prairie or Town of Bristol.

File of Life Card

The card contains all of your pertinent medical information and is kept on the outside of the refrigerator in a bright red magnetic pocket. Once completed, this medical card lists all your emergency medical contacts, health history, medications taken, allergies, recent surgeries and more. A compact version is included and, once completed, it should be carried in a purse or wallet.

We recommend that you complete these documents using a pencil so updates can be made as needed.

To request a File of Life™ card for yourself or a family member, contact us at 608-837-3604 or email. You can also stop by one of the EMS stations - we love visitors!