Meet our Medical Director

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Meet Dr. Michael Lohmeier

Dr. Lohmeier completed medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria in 2006 prior to completing his Emergency Medicine Residency Training in 2010, where he was a Chief Resident. Dr. Lohmeier completed his EMS Fellowship at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri and has been practicing since 2011 as an Emergency Medicine and EMS Physician at the University of Wisconsin BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine. He has achieved Board Certification in both Emergency Medicine and EMS. Since arriving in Madison over eight years ago, Dr. Lohmeier has been dedicated to improving EMS education for all levels of learners, from First Responder through Critical Care Paramedic, Resident and EM Faculty Physicians as well as peer EMS Physicians from around the United States. As a Faculty member with the Department of Emergency Medicine, he has worked extensively with Emergency Medicine and Trauma Physicians to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff in order to help them successfully navigate the universal relationship that Emergency Medicine has with the EMS System and field providers. He has been the EMS Section Chief for the UW BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine since 2016, and has gained a robust working knowledge of the prehospital emergency medical services system across Dane County.

About medical direction:

Medical Direction is a system of physician-directed quality assurance that provides professional and public accountability for medical care provided in the pre-hospital setting. In an emergency medical services (EMS) system, medical direction provides the legal authorization for EMTs and Paramedics to provide emergency treatment outside the hospital. EMTs and Paramedics lack licensure to practice medicine, and so they work as an extension of the physician and practice medicine under the physician's license.