Sustainable Sun Prairie Podcast

Sun Prairie's new podcast series just hit the airwaves!

"Sustainable Sun Prairie: Conversations for a Greener Community" is the podcast dedicated to eco-conscious living and local sustainability initiatives. Join us each month as we educate, empower, and engage our community in embracing sustainable practices right here in Sun Prairie. Whether you are a seasoned sustainability enthusiast, or just beginning your sustainability journey, each episode will have something new and exciting for everyone. Together we can create a greener, brighter future!

Stay tuned! New episodes are released the first Tuesday of every month. Available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Episodes will also air locally the first Tuesday of the month at 8am on 103.5 FM The Sun. Episodes will re-air on the radio every Tuesday at 8am and Saturday at 6pm.

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Do you have sustainable topic requests you would like to see in future episodes? Or are you interested in being featured as a guest on this show? If you answered yes to either of these question, please fill out this form and the podcast host will be in touch!

Sustainable Sun Prairie Episodes



Episode 3a

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