Pollinator Garden Information & Resources

Vandenburg Heights Park Pollinator Garden

What is a Pollinator Garden?

An area that has plants that flower throughout the entire growing season.

What are some of the benefits of a pollinator garden?

  • Provides pollen, nectar, and nesting resources vital to local pollinator populations, especially early and late in the growing season!
  • By increasing the amount of habitat available, it increases the numbers of pollinators in the area and subsequently increases the pollinator services of those pollinators thereby increase in increasing the number of successful pollination events leading to an increase in local production of food crops!
  • Once established, native plants require less maintenance and resources than traditional turf grass and non-native ornamental plants.
  • Native plants are able to retain and filter water, benefiting local aquifers.
  • Increasing local wildlife diversity leads to healthier and more functional local ecosystems!

Vandenburg Heights Park Pollinator Garden Close-Up

Public Locations of Pollinator Gardens (and growing!):

  • City Hall
  • Community Garden, located east of Library
  • Fox Point Park
  • Grandview Park
  • Hunter’s Ridge Park
  • Orfan Park (2 areas)
  • Sheehan Park – Memorial Garden for Sue Larson
  • Sunny Valley Park
  • Vandenburg Heights Park (2 areas)
  • West Prairie Village Park
  • Wetmore Park (2 areas)
  • Westside Community Services Building
  • Wyndham Hills Park

We are actively seeking and creating pollinator gardens throughout the city!  So far there are approximately 16 separate locations throughout the city.    Every year we hope to provide more resources for local pollinator populations!

Community Support:

These gardens have been made possible through generous donations and support from:

In addition, the City is actively participating in efforts to increase pollinator resources in our local community by supporting reduced mowing activities during the early part of the growing season (e.g. No/Low Mow May) and participating in the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge.


Get Involved:

If you are interested in volunteering your time or resources to creating and/or maintaining areas for pollinators in the City of Sun Prairie, go to www.VolunteerSunPrairie.com

Contact Us:

If you would like to get involved or have additional questions, reach out to Cindy Burtley, Parks and Forestry Director at cburtley@cityofsunprairie.com!