About the Museum

Sun Prairie Museum 001

City of Sun Prairie Code of Ordinances

Chapter 2.76 - Historical Library & Museum Board  

2.76.010 Mission

The mission of the Sun Prairie Historical Library and Museum is:

A. The preservation and interpretation of the history of Sun Prairie and the surrounding area in order to effectuate a community which understands and has pride in its roots to the past.

B. The preservation of written records, photographic records, artifacts, and the documentation of the physical landscape changed by the history of settlement.

C. The collection, preservation, maintenance, interpretation, and display of historical collections of the development of city government, surrounding townships and daily life of the citizens of Sun Prairie to the community, in order to promote awareness and understanding of the rich history and heritage of the area.

D. Connecting the community with its historical roots through outreach exhibits, community and school programs, tours, and displays.

Collections Management Policy 

The Collections Management Policy of the Sun Prairie Historical Library and Museum (SPHLM) defines how the museum’s mission is pursued through collections activity. The policy guides the Board, staff and volunteers in carrying out their responsibilities for collections development, care, and access. 

Sun Prairie Historical Library & Museum Board  

Board MemberJuanona Brewster (2026)
Board MemberDan Callies (2026)
Board Member
Lorie Candelmo (2025)
Board ChairPaul Esser (2025)
Board Member & City Council LiaisonMike Jacobs (2024)
Board MemberDonna Mackey (2025)
Board Vice ChairKristin Pierre (2024)
Board MemberAndy Schoenherr (2024)
Board MemberKyle Utech (2026)