Conservation Tips

Ways to Conserve

Look for Leaks

  • Look under sinks and check all faucets and shower heads for drips. If there is a leak, check the faucet washers and gaskets and replace if necessary.
  • Listen for running toilets. If your toilet is leaking, it could be due to an old or faulty toilet flapper which may need to be replaced.

Invest in Water-Efficient Appliances

  • High efficiency washing machines and dish washers cans save you thousands of gallons of water a year. Look for appliances marked .

Changing Habits

  • Sweep your sidewalks and driveways instead of spraying them off with a hose.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Run the dish washer when the load is full.

Outdoor Conservation

  • Water your lawn sparingly. Runoff from lawns carry chemicals, soil, pet waste and other pollutants directly into our lakes and streams.
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn.
  • Use a rain barrel to capture water from gutters and downspouts.
  • During the winter months, limit your use of road salt and only use what you need.