Wastewater Treatment & Collection

Did you know the average flow at the facility is 3.7 million gallons per day? The Wastewater Treatment Plant is committed to providing reliable sewer service to the community while protecting the environment.

Plant Expansion

We are excited to update you on some changes that are happening! The current facility last saw construction in 2005/2006 and was designed with future expansion in mind. Thanks to preventative measures and maintenance, the plant has outlived its projected lifespan.

Developing a new plan has taken the Wastewater Treatment Plant about two years. The new upgrades will be able to better serve the growing community. In conjunction with increased capacity, the new facility will be able to comply with new phosphorous requirements set by the DNR to decrease the levels of phosphorous entering our water system. See the progress here.

Save Water & Money

You'd be surprised at how much water is being wasted in your home, and how much money you can save by following simple conservation tips. See our Water Conservation Tips page for ideas on how to conserve water and save money.

Water Softeners

Is your water softener costing you more and contributing to pollution? Help keep toxic chlorides out of our rivers and lakes. Go to our Water Softeners section for details on reducing salt usage and saving money.

Vacuum Cleaning Truck

Have you ever wondered what this truck is doing blocking the street periodically around town? See our Sewer Main Cleaning page for information on sewer service.