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Non-Emergency Citizen Self Report


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    1. Citizen Self-Report
      - The citizen self-report form is an official City of Sun Prairie Police document, which will become the official police report for your incident. If you have insurance coverage, this form will assist you in filing a claim. You must include your FULL NAME, BIRTHDATE, AND CONTACT INFORMATION for this report to be officially filed. Please provide as much information as possible.
      - This self-report form will expire after two hours if not submitted. Please create an account to save the form if you choose to work on it at another time.
      - Your self-report form will be reviewed within 5 business days. If requested, you will be contacted by telephone or email with your case number, associated paperwork, or for additional information that may be required.
      - Filing a false police report is a crime (WI State Statute 946.41) and violations will be prosecuted. Filing a false report for insurance purposes is a crime (WI State Statute 943.395) and violations will be prosecuted.

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