Public Services


300 E. Main Street
2nd Floor
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Sun Prairie, WI 53590

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Engineering Department 

300 E. Main St.
Sun Prairie, WI 53590



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Schleicher, Adam Director of Public Services/City Engineer 608-825-1170  
Veith, Thomas Engineering Director 608-825-1170  
Brown , Alexander Transportation Coordinator (608) 825-0859  
Christenson, Clinton Staff Engineer 608-825-1170  
Rada, Louis GIS and Asset Management Coordinator 608-825-1170  
Minga, Andrew Staff Engineer 608-825-1170  
Anderson, Todd Engineering Technician 608-825-1170  
Campos, Michael Staff Engineer 608-825-0867  

Public Works 

201 S. Bristol St.
Sun Prairie, WI 53590


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
John, Benjamin Public Works Operations Manager 608-825-0713  
Brimmer, JR Fleet, Contract & Traffic Control Supervisor 608-825-0712  
Lor, New Facilities Supervisor 608-825-0858  

2598 W. Main St.
2nd Floor
Sun Prairie, WI 53590



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Peters, Alyse Events and Sponsorship Coordinator 608-590-3828  
Dreyer, Deb Recreation Department Administrative Assistant 608-837-3449  
Grissom, Kristin Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director 608-837-3449  
Pohl, Holly Office Assistant 608-837-3449  
Shelton, Chad Programs Coordinator 608-837-3449  
Burtley, Cindy Parks and Forestry Division Manager 608-825-0723  

Water Pollution Control Facility 

3040 Bailey Road
Sun Prairie, WI 53590



Link: Water Pollution Control Facility Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cramer, Jeremy Wastewater Treatment Plant Conveyance and Treatment Director 608-837-0731  
LesCamela, Christine Laboratory Director 608-825-0733