Electronic and Appliance Collections

Appliance Collection

You will need to obtain a permit prior to using the Recycle Center. You can do that online or by visiting:

  • City Hall, 300 E. Main Street
  • Public Works, 201 S. Bristol Street
  • Sun Prairie Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Drive
  • Westside Community Services Building, Police Department, 2598 W. Main Street

As of January 2014, the City of Sun Prairie no longer performs curbside appliance collection. Non-Freon appliances will still be accepted at the Recycle Center during normal operational hours at no charge. Local appliance retailers may provide a collection service. Please contact individual companies for prices and to obtain these services.

The Recycle Center does not accept Freon appliances. This means we will not accept air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freezers and refrigerators.

Questions? Call us at 608-837-3050.

Electronic Recycling


It is the law in Wisconsin that electronics must be recycled. Residents can no longer dispose of their electronics in the refuse cart.

The following electronics can be recycled under E-Cycle Wisconsin: computers (desktop/laptop), desktop printers, computer monitors, TVs, DVD players, VCRs, DVRs, fax machines, mice, keyboards, hard drives, speakers, flash drives, modems, and cell phones.

The City Recycle Center will accept electronics on special 2020 collection dates: May 9 and September 12 with Resource Solutions from 8:30AM until noon. 

Residents of Sun Prairie may bring these items to the Sun Prairie Recycle Center, located at 1798 S. Bird Street, during this time. There is a charge for collection of some items. See the flyer (PDF) for more information about the event and the cost for items.

The following collection sites are also available:

  • Best Buy (242-0701)
  • Goodwill (246-1990)
  • Resource Solutions (244-5451)
  • Dane County Clean Sweep (243-0368)
  • File-13 E-Waste Solutions (221-1313)

These companies may offer curbside pickups for additional fees.