Refuse/Garbage Information

Summary, Best Practices, & Resources

Refuse, garbage, and/or trash all refer to the disposal of materials using the refuse cart, which are transported to the Dane County landfill. The City of Sun Prairie encourages residents and the community to explore the Materials Management: Refuse, Recycling, & More landing page to determine if materials can be recycled, reused, composted, or otherwise repurposed prior to disposing in the refuse bin. 

Refuse carts are collected every week on your collection day. Carts must be out by 7 a.m. If your collection is missed because your cart is set out late, we cannot send the truck back to get it. Use the City of Sun Prairie – Pellitteri Waste Systems page or the Sun Prairie Government Services application to determine your collection day.

If you have extra bags of refuse and/or recycling, you can contact Pellitteri Waste Systems (608-257-4285) and pay per bag to have them collected on your next collection day.

Per City Ordinance, items are not to be set out for collection earlier than noon of the day before they are scheduled to be picked up.

Bulk Item Collection

Bulk items or large items that do not fit in the refuse cart can be collected curbside for residents. Please see directions below for scheduling and paying for the collection. Appliances and electronics can also be collected curbside by Pellitteri Waste Systems, Guy-Girl and a Truck, or File 13 E-Waste Solutions or taken to appliance and electronic retail stores that may also offer recycling.

Available contractors for curbside pickups 

Residents that wish to have items picked up curbside must prearrange and pay for the collection through one of the following companies: Pellitteri Waste Systems (608-257-4285), J-Dog Junk Removal (608-765-5364), 1-800-GOT-JUNK, JUNK KING (1-888-888-JUNK), Guy-Girl and a Truck (608-209-5977 or 608-209-0928), or College Hunks (1-888-689-5999). The hired contractor will then dispose of the collected items. This service will be limited to items such as furniture, mattresses, box springs, toilets, desks, doors, etc. Residents in apartment buildings or other commercial properties that are not included in the city contract for curbside collections can also use the company that provides their dumpsters (rather than Pellitteri).

Per city ordinance the material may be set at the curb no earlier than noon the day before collection. Call the Public Works Department at 608-837-3050 for further information.

Drop-off locations

To haul bulk/large items yourself, you can use the following landfills: