Assessing Forms

Request for Review of Property Assessment

If you believe the information we have listed in your Property Record is inaccurate please complete this form to request a review for the next assessment year: Request for Review of Property Assessment (PDF).

To be considered for the next assessment, this form must be received by the City of Sun Prairie Assessor's Office no later than December 1st.

Statement of Personal Property - Online Filing

Every person, firm or corporation operating a business or leasing equipment within the City of Sun Prairie must file a Statement of Personal Property (Form PA-003) with the City Assessor by March 1st:

Agent Authorization for Property Assessment Appeals

If an agent is representing the property owner, the property owner must provide prion written authorization for the agent to represent the company when contacting the reviewing authority. Agent authorization for Property Assessment Appeals

Request for Property Tax Exemption

Wisconsin Statutes require completion of this form – in its entirety – to be eligible for exemption from the Wisconsin property tax. Failure to do so may result in denial of exemption. The completed form and any attachments must be filed with the assessor of the taxation district in which the property is located by March 1 to be eligible for exemption for the current assessment year. Refer to Stat., Sec. 70.11 and the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual for additional information regarding property tax exemption.  Property Tax Exemption Request (PR-230)

Income and Expense Form

In order for the Assessing Department to accurately value and/or review property which is income producing, the income and expenses for the property must be analyzed.  Internal documents that detail the income and expenses at the property can be provided along with a current rent roll.  The Wisconsin Department of Revenue Form for Income and Expenses (PR-323) can also be completed and submitted to the Assessor.  Income and Expense Form (PR-323)