Duties and Qualifications

Duties of an Election Official 

Duties include setting up the polling place, registering voters, issuing ballots, recording who votes, monitoring the election equipment, completing Election Day forms, tallying write-in votes, and closing the polls.


Qualifications to serve as an Election Official:

- Be an eligible voter in Dane County (an adult U.S. citizen who has resided in Dane County for at least 28 days, and not disqualified from voting)

Have never been convicted of a felony

- Attend training

- Ability to effectively work well with multicultural populations

- Pay close attention to detail

- Speak, read, write, and understand English

- Be capable of performing each task at the polling place

- Work well with others

- Perform duties in a non-partisan manner

- Abide by state and federal election laws

- Never engage in electioneering at the polling place

- Treat all voters with respect

- Treat Election Officials and Clerk's Office employees with respect

- Be free from the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while at the polls

- Not be a candidate for any office on the ballot for that election