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Permit Inspection Request

  1. Please enter the building or unit number(s) if there are multiple buildings or units on site.
  2. Person Requesting Inspection
    Please enter your contact information Below
  3. Inspection Request Date & Time

    Please enter the date and time of your request. While we will make every effort to accommodate AM/PM or specific time requests, please note that times are subject to staff availability. 

    Inspections may take up to two to five business days to occur depending upon the project, so please plan accordingly.

  4. Please provide a detailed description of your request.

  5. Inspection Types*
    Please select the type of inspection(s) requested.
  6. Please add any additional information such as specific instructions on how to access the inspection (keybox codes, key locations, etc.).

  7. Please add any additional information such as specific location on or within the site, specific inspection instructions or details, or name and contact information for individual on site.

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