What changes have been made to the outdoor Market?

The goal of the following practices is to minimize shopper time at the market and the spread of COVID-19. Although farmers markets are important community events, these actions will help the market to focus on its role as an essential food resource and protect public safety.

  • All patrons are asked to walk or bike and must enter on the north end of Market Street. As shoppers arrive to the market they will enter into the shopping line and will be asked to follow all social distancing rules established by Governor Evers. We encourage people to park in the many public parking lots near the market and walk to get in the shopping line.
  • No sampling
  • Each vendor will have their own hand washing or hand sanitizer station.
  • Increase the spacing between vendors to allow customers to maintain safe distance from each other and other vendors.
  • Shoppers, staff, and vendors are encouraged to wear face masks

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1. What is the status of the Farmers' Market during COVID-19?
2. What changes have been made to the outdoor Market?
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