What should the public know about Paramedics?

The public should know that we work hard, we train hard, and we are grateful for the privilege of being able to help others in their times of need.  And we are human, too. We do this job because it's our choice to be there and help people. If your loved one's heart stops, we will do everything we know how to save them as if they were our own family. If we have to tell you that we can't save them, you should know that we hurt, too. Our job means that we sometimes have to see awful things that most people cannot imagine. Our job means that we miss out on a lot of things with our families. We do this job because we’re smart and strong and we have the mettle it takes, and a simple ‘thank you’ means the world to us.

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1. What does EMS stand for?
2. Where did the Star of Life symbol on ambulances come from?
3. What should the public know about Paramedics?
4. What do I do while driving when an emergency vehicle approaches with lights and sirens on?
5. What’s the difference between a paramedic and an ambulance driver?
6. Why do I see the paramedics in the grocery store when they’re on duty?
7. Why does more than just an ambulance come when I call 911?
8. Sometimes the ambulance drives with lights and sirens, and sometimes they don't. What's the difference?
9. Why don’t the paramedics run to treat patients?
10. Do I get to choose which hospital you take me to?
11. If I or someone I care for has special medical needs, how do I let the Paramedics know?
12. If I go to the hospital in the ambulance, will I be seen by a doctor sooner?
13. How do I become a paramedic?