How did KIDS-4 come into being?
When cable access was introduced to Sun Prairie in 1976, a section of the franchise agreement provided for public access. At that time a separate channel on the cable system was designated for the use of children. This channel was to promote media literacy by involving children in every aspect of television production, creating television for children by children.

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1. What is the Sun Prairie Media Center?
2. Where can I view KIDS-4 and KSUN channels?
3. I often see the names KIDS-4 and KSUN. How are these names part of Sun Prairie Media Center?
4. What does Sun Prairie Media Center do?
5. How is Sun Prairie Media Center funded?
6. What is KIDS-4?
7. How old are the kids in the KIDS-4 after-school program?
8. How did KIDS-4 come into being?
9. Where is Sun Prairie Media Center located?
10. Can I get my own copy of programs I see on KIDS-4 or KSUN?
11. What are the Sun Prairie Media Center user guidelines?