Once a Permit has been approved, fees must be paid and the permit issued before a project can begin, or inspections can be scheduled.  Commercial plan reviews must be paid at the time of approvals.

Payment options are:

Online (preferred)

Please note to select "cancel" if prompted to swipe a card, then choose your payment type from the drop down list.

When paying online, please check and use the "Building Inspection" line, include the permit address AND eight-digit permit number in the "Comments" section and include Building Inspection in the "Department" section).  A screenshot of the portal is below.

When you have completed your online payment, please email a copy of your receipt to


Building Inspection Credit Card Payment Screenshot- Electronic Checks.  There is a $1.00 convenience fee per transaction for electronic check payments.  

- Credit or Debit Cards.  There is a $2.35% processing fee per transaction for credit card payments.

In Person

- Checks.  There is no processing fee for in person checks delivered to city hall.  Please make checks payable to the "City of Sun Prairie.

- Cash.

- Credit or Debit Cards.   There is a processing fee of $2.00 for payments up to $80 and 2.5% for payments over $80 for in person credit card transactions.

US Mail

- Checks.  There is no processing fee for checks mailed to city hall.  Please make checks payable to the "City of Sun Prairie.

Access online payment portal.

Once payment is received we will release plans or issue the building permit. It is the property/home owner or permit applicant’s responsibility to contact us to schedule any necessary inspections. You will find a general list of inspections on your permit card or it can also be found on our website. Please email us at or 608-825-1184 to schedule the necessary inspections.