COVID-19 Reopening Procedures


Preparing for the Arrival of the Public

--- The Museum capacity is normally 49, but during our initial reopening, the maximum number of visitors will be six at a time. Small groups of ten will be allowed with an advance reservation. Museum staff will be present during all open hours to ensure not only that there is sufficient distance between the visitor and the works on display, but also to make sure there is sufficient distance between visitors themselves (6 feet).

       --- Warning signs to encourage visitors to respect the health measures in force will be posted on the front door and on the museum website. Visitors will be able to email to book a time in advance. Average visit time will be 30 minutes. If museum is occupied, walk-up visitors may sit on park bench or in their vehicle to await availability.

       --- The museum will have a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the museum. Bathrooms allow visitors and employees to wash their hands with soap (hands-free dispenser) and hot water. Disposable paper towels are provided.

       --- All staff and volunteers will have easy access to hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disposable Nitrile gloves. Staff will provide their own masks, to be worn at all times while interacting with the public.

       --- Interior doors will remain open and exterior doors will be disinfected hourly. The wheelchair lift is reserved for persons with reduced mobility. The control buttons and door handles will be disinfected after each use. The museum has removed all interactive elements from exhibit displays and placed stanchions around our Surveyor’s exhibit.

Cleaning in Exhibition Rooms

      --- Each day, before the museum opens to the public, all rooms on the exhibit level (including bathrooms) will be cleaned with a vinegar/water solution. Vinegar kills 90% of viruses, 99% of bacteria and 82% of molds. It is safe for most wood surfaces. 1/8 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water will be mixed and put in a spray bottle. Employees will wear nitrile gloves and masks to spray vinegar/water solution onto paper towels and wipe down display cases, door knobs, handrails and the walls around them.

      --- At least once per day, the garbage will be removed from the building and the floors will be swept and then mopped with a vinegar/water solution. Disposable paper towels will be used to wipe the floors dry after disinfecting.

      --- Exhibit loan of Surveyor’s desk will be extended to avoid transport and handling. The presentation of the permanent collections will be given priority over temporary exhibitions until the health situation returns to normal.

      --- The city will provide deep cleaning of bathrooms, walls and floors at least once each week.

​Cleaning Measures in the Office

      --- Staff will clean their workplaces daily with alcohol-based wipes or the vinegar/water solution and paper towels. This includes keyboards, phones, desktops and chairs. The copy machine (used by all staff members) will be disinfected after each use.

      --- Isolation for 9 days is recommended for artifacts that can’t be cleaned using conventional methods. The museum will have a quarantine area for objects in the basement with empty shelves and boxes where objects can be separated from the main collection. We will have a marking system indicating the date, what, why and by whom the objects have been put in quarantine.