City Services

The Diversity Committee was charged with identifying and providing a better understanding of the unique needs of different individuals and communities within Sun Prairie regarding City Services. To that end, the committee held 4 listening sessions in the community to gather feedback regarding City services and the needs of the diverse communities in Sun Prairie.

Following those meetings, the Committee made several recommendations to improve the manner in which the City delivers services. A full list of those recommendations as well as the feedback received at the listening sessions is available in the Committee's final report and its attachments.

Since the Committee dissolved, the City has implemented the following to improve its service delivery:

  • The City Council created an Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Transportation and produced several recommendations. The report and its recommendations have been referred to the Transit Commission for further consideration
  • The City adopted two non-discrimination ordinances in 2017. Section 9.20 regulates Housing Discrimination and Section 9.21 regulates discrimination in Employment and Accommodations.
  • The City's website can be translated into a variety of languages