Workforce Development

Workforce development continues to be topic among employers across the county and Sun Prairie is no different. However the City of Sun Prairie provides resources through our local workforce development agencies, partnerships with the Sun Prairie Schools and with our Sun Prairie Works Initiative.

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Sun Prairie Works


The City of Sun Prairie Department of Economic Development and the Sun Prairie Media Center are working on a joint initiative called Sun Prairie Works. The purpose of this initiative is aid our local employers is recruiting employees to come work in our community. This involves using our video production capability as well as our ability to host these videos online as a way to communicate current employment opportunities to interested parties in the area. Local employers who are trying to hire key positions to make a short video that introduces the company and more information about what they do, what positions they have available and what the compensation range for those positions is here in Sun Prairie.

Current Workforce Recruiting Videos Available for Viewing

Sun Prairie Business Park

210 Business Park Drive

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Sun Prairie Business Park

515 Progress Way

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Sun Prairie Business Park

1615 Commerce Drive

Colony Brands

Sun Prairie Business Park

1835 Haynes Drive

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South Central Industrial Area

745 S. Bird Street

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Sun Prairie Business Park

1655 Corporate Center Drive

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Sun Prairie Business Park

861 Progress Way

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How Can my Business Participate in the Sun Prairie Works Initiative?

The best way is to make a video for your company or business! Content could include but is not limited to:

  • An introduction by the President, CEO or other principal
  • A brief overview of the company including on site footage of the company
  • A listing of positions available
  • A listing of skill sets being sought
  • An overview of benefits and wages paid for those positions (graphics or text may be added)
  • A statement on why working at that company is something that job seekers should consider (your competitive position as an employer).

The intended audience for these videos include:

  • Job seekers can find out about available positions in Sun Prairie
  • Other businesses can learn about the products, services and capabilities of Sun Prairie companies
  • Students, teachers and parents can learn about what sorts of skill sets are needed for locally available jobs.

These videos are produced and edited by our Media Center staff, and then hosted online. Links to these videos are made available to each participating company.

If you would like to work with our team to produce your own video, or if you would like to discuss ideas on what you might like to do as part of your video, please email the Department of Economic Development or call 608-825-1107.

GRIT Award Presentations (Videos)