Sun Prairie Business Park

The Sun Prairie Business Park has been one of the most successful business parks in Dane County because of its development standards and affordable pricing. The City has six lots remaining and is actively seeking potential businesses in the areas of distribution, information technology, advance manufacturing and office.

The Sun Prairie Business Park is located on the northern section of Highway 151 through Sun Prairie, allowing for quick access to several major metro areas and only 20 minutes to the Dan County Regional Airport. The Business Park currently is 430 acres with over 40 businesses and 1,600 employees.

Distance to Major Metros

20 minutes - Madison

1.25 hours - Milwaukee

1.5 hours - Appleton (WI) 

3 hours - Quad Cities (IA,IL) 

3.25 hours - Chicago

4 hours - Minneapolis

Other Information

Portions of the Sun Prairie Business Park are located with in a tax increment district and are eligible for tax increment financing. Find out more about financial resources.



Provided by Sun Prairie Utilities, (608) 837-5500

Consumer TypeRG-1GS-1CP-1CP-2CP-3
Customer Single Phase$11.75$11.75

Customer Three Phase$19.00$19.00
kWh Usage$0.1005$0.1020$0.0710

Time of Day On-Peak kWh
Time of Day Off-Peak kWh
Distribution per kW

Demand per kW

PPCA (power cost adjustment) will also be added or subtracted

*Recommend for rate specifics to visit the Public Service Commission


Frontier and Sun Prairie Utilities both provide services to businesses in Sun Prairie. Please contact them for additional information about rates and availability to your business.

TDS purchased the Sun Prairie Utilities existing fiber network and is building out the network to the areas of Sun Prairie that are not currently served. 

Natural Gas

Provided by WE Energies, gas charge is based on load size and changes on a monthly basis, call WE Energies for the current rate, 1-800-242-4035.


Provided by Sun Prairie Utilities, (608) 837-5500

Minimum Monthly Chargers
5/8" meter$5.80
1" meter$9.00
1-1/2" meter$14.00
2" meter$21.00
3" meter$34.00
4" meter$50.00
Volume Charges
First 2,000 cubic feet$1.66 per 100 cubic feet
Next 14,700 cubic feet$1.29 per 100 cubic feet
Over 16,700 cubic feet$1.06 per 100 cubic feet
Pumping Capacity
Average7,920 gallons per minute
Maximum used to date3,013 gallons per minute
Water Storage Capacity
1.1 million gallons elevated1.75 million gallons surface storage
Number of Wells9


Provided by Sun Prairie Utilities, (608) 837-5500.

Minimum Monthly Chargers
5/8" meter$8.83
1" meter$12.86
1-1/2" meter$19.73
2" meter$27.82
3" meter$46.84
4" meter$73.91
Volume Charge$2.74 per 100 cubic feet of water used
Storm Water RatesRates vary per lot size etc