Fire Advisory Committee

Fire Trucks on Parade

The Sun Prairie Fire Advisory Committee consists of six voting members. The members include:

  • The Mayor
  • Common Council Appointee
  • President of the SPVFD Board of Trustees (or designee)
  • Vice President of the SPVFD Board of Trustees (or designee)
  • Two members agreed upon and appointed by the Towns

Duties of the Fire Advisory Committee

The Committee's recommendations are advisory only. Their duties are as follows:

  • Collect information, comments, complaints, suggestions and data to oversee development of a twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days per week fire standards.
  • Collect such information from City of Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Company, Inc. and other sources to enable agreement upon metrics for response times and efficient safe suppression of any fire emergency.
  • Facilitate transparency between the City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Company, Inc., including monthly accountability reports detailing all fire suppression activities, all training and response activities and financial accountability.
  • Complaints: Any person may file a complaint with the SPVFD Fire Chief regarding action taken or not taken by member(s) of the fire department during the course of their duties. Upon completion of the review by the fire chief, a copy of the findings shall be forwarded to the complainant and the FAC. If still aggrieved, the complainant may seek review by the FAC, which shall conduct an independent review of the complaint. Upon completion of its review, the committee may make recommendations for resolution or further action

See the full description of the Fire Advisory Committee in Chapter 2.53 in the Sun Prairie Municipal Code of Ordinances.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held as needed at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson, and are open to the public.