Snow & Ice Information

  1. What does a snow fall mean for Me?

    When snow falls many factors are at play for residents and City crews. Information contained in this page will help you find out what restrictions are in place for you.

  2. Snow & Ice - Winter Parking Info

    You can help keep our streets safe during the snow season by following the winter parking regulations. The less traffic our snowplow drivers encounter, the faster and more efficiently they can clear the streets.

  3. Sand Barrel Locations

    Find out where to get barrels containing a mixture of sand and salt for use on public sidewalks.

  4. Mailbox Placement Guidelines

    Snowplow operators try very hard to avoid mailboxes when plowing streets. However, weak posts or support brackets, rusted mailbox components and improperly placed mailboxes could result in damage.

  5. Get to Know Your Snow Plow Crew

    Learn about the crew responsible for plowing the snow in the City of Sun Prairie.