"Please Keep Carts Out of Street" Tags

Orange Cart Tag
If you find one of these tags on your cart or notice them around your neighborhood, here are some things to know about them:
  • If you are tagged, this does not mean your cart will not be emptied by Advanced Disposal.
  • They are put on carts to serve as a reminder that it is a violation of City Ordinance to put carts in the street or block the gutter.
  • Proper cart placement is especially critical during the winter months. Keeping the street and gutters free from carts helps us plow close to the curb, helps eliminate cart damage, helps water run through the gutters as snow melts, etc. It also helps during warmer months for street sweeping.
  • If you place your carts at the end of the driveway, make sure they are far enough back so they are not blocking the curb line and gutter. The cart collection trucks can reach 4 - 5 feet behind the face of the curb.
  • In the winter you may need to shovel a portion of your terrace to appropriately place your carts.
  • Repeat violations of a city ordinance can result in citations.
Proper Cart Placement
Proper cart placement is the 1st step in insuring your cart is collected. Refuse and recycle carts must be curbside by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Carts should be placed at the end of your driveway or on the terrace, not in the street.
Carts along the curb
Please allow 4 feet between your cart and other objects (mailboxes, other carts, etc.), and 10 feet from parked cars on the street. Lids need to close on the cart to be picked up, overflowing carts can result in the material spilling into the street and may not be collected. Call 608-837-3050 with any questions.