Thank You, Volunteers

The Parks and Public Works Department would like to take this time to extend a Thank You to all the groups who are actively participating in the Blooming of Sun Prairie program. It was a long winter and with the slow start to this spring, the hard work from these individuals has really brightened up our city.

Thank you to the following groups/individuals:

  • Sun Prairie Sunny Day, Inc. (North Bristol Street Median)
  • The Bogle Family (North Bristol Street Median)
  • The Igl Family (Pet Exercise Area)
  • Sun Prairie Garden Club (Aquatic Center Flower Beds)
  • Barnes, Inc. (Sheehan West and East)
  • Sun Prairie Little League (Youth Baseball Complex)
  • Daisy Girl Scouts Troop #2874 (Carriage Hills Estates Community Park)
  • The Connie Feuling Family (Wetmore Park)
  • Joy Reininger (Stoneridge Estates Community Park and Smith's Crossing Park)
  • The Kiefer Family (Liberty Community Park)
  • The Orfan Family (Orfan Community Park)
  • The Deming Family (Wyndham Hills Community Park on Heatherstone)
  • The Strong and Sellenheim Families (Thoreau Park)

For more information visit the City of Sun Prairie, Public Works website or call 608-837-3050.

City of Sun Prairie

Public Works Department