Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee consists of 5 members. Three of the seats are filled by current Alders and two of the seats are reserved for citizen members:

  1. Alder Terry McIlroy (Chair)
  2. Alder Bob Jokisch
  3. Alder Mary Polenske
  4. Kelvin Santiago (Citizen Member)
  5. Ray Kumapayi (Citizen Member)


Some of the responsibilities of the Public Works Committee include:

  • Review and recommend policies regarding public works issues.
  • Award contracts as authorized by state statutes.
  • Acceptance of public improvements (both privately-developed and city-contracted).
  • Review and recommend approval of development agreements.
  • Review easements and right-of-way acquisition and changes.
  • Review traffic-related matters.
  • Review and recommend the granting of variances for driveway openings.
  • Serve as the forum to discuss concerns raised by citizens regarding public works issues.
  • Consider other matters which are referred by council or committee of the whole.

A detailed listing of the duties of the Public Works Committee can be found under Section 2.08.050 of the Municipal Code.

Meeting Agendas

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Meeting Minutes

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