The mission of the Finance Department is to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability by implementing sound budgetary and accounting practices. To provide oversight and fiscal management through accountability and transparency. To promote financial stewardship and safekeeping of City assets and provide a comprehensive risk management program. To provide excellent customer service to citizens, mayor and council, and City departments.

The Finance division provides financial services including accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, claims management, treasury functions, and property tax collection.

Department Structure

The Finance Department consists of the Finance Director, Controller, Senior Accountant, Accountant, Financial Services Technicians, a High School Youth Apprentice, and LTE staff. The organizational chart can be found here.

OpenGov - The City of Sun Prairie's Citizen Transparency Website.

The City's OpenGov Transparency website provides a searchable, transparent look at the City's budget and spending. This site gives users a variety of tools to filter, sort, and visualize data. Users are able to drill down several layers and view different options, as well as download data sets for additional analysis.

The Transparency website includes budget and actual data for the city's revenue and expenses for the current year and the last eight fiscal years.

Find a glossary of budget terms and more information on the City's budget and financial statement online.

Recommended 2024 Annual Budget
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Approved 2023 Annual BudgetBudget Cover 2023 Opens in new window

The approved 2023 annual budget is ready for review and can be found here