Transit Planning

The City of Sun Prairie and Madison are working together to explore options for providing local fixed-route bus service (i.e., Madison Metro) throughout the City of Sun Prairie. Below are details on the upcoming process that will determine what local transit service around Sun Prairie could look like in the near future.

To request a presentation of the new draft routes or for any questions on local transit planning, please contact Alexander Brown at (608) 825-0859 or email 

Fall 2022 - Finalizing Routes

While the new draft route approved in the Summer of 2022 addressed many concerns raised during stakeholder engagement; however, multiple factors necessitated further modification to the route:

  • Shorten the route in order for the local buses to confidently connect with the BRT Bus at the Park and Ride every time
  • Best serve the current users of Route 23, a growing Metro Transit Route that would cease operations upon launch of BRT and any new local service routes. 

The solution to these issues is illustrated in the above presentation, which the Transit Commission reviewed on October 19, 2022. The latest proposal from Madison Metro Transit and Sun Prairie City staff advocates for two, simultaneous routes that will maximize ridership and coverage, while reliably connecting to the BRT.

Route W (Draft)
Route S (Draft)

Summer 2022 - Refining Route

The Sun Prairie Transit Commission endorsed a new route concept, which was informed by the results of the survey as well as stakeholder engagement conducted in the Spring and Summer of 2022. 

The City of Madison gave a presentation to the Sun Prairie Transit Commission (linked above) of a potential option for local Metro bus service to Sun Prairie, that would connect to Bus Rapid Transit Service at the Park-and-Ride facility off Reiner Road. The route was drafted by Jarrett Walker + Associates, a nationally recognized transit planning firm working with Madison Metro on its Transit Network Redesign. The draft route is based off key factors such as proximity to major destinations and employers, areas of high population and employment density, and travelling along streets most suitable for accommodating buses. 

Sun Prairie staff reviewed this route with extension stakeholder feedback throughout Spring and Summer of 2022 to inform any necessary adjustments that were needed. More details on this process are included above. 

Fall 2021 - Report on Resident Feedback on a Potential Sun Prairie Local Bus Service

During October and November of 2021, 3,334 Sun Prairie residents were invited to participate in a survey designed to gauge interest in a local bus service and how they might use such a service. A total of 653 people completed the survey, providing estimates expected to be accurate to within plus or minus 3.8%. The composition of respondents with respect to gender, race/ethnicity and income aligned quite well with 2020 Census figures for the City. The results of this survey are a key tool in informing the local transit service planning process.