important news and updates


PLEASE CONTACT THE DIVISION ASAP IF THERE IS ANY COVID-19 CONCERNS ON YOUR PROJECT in order not to put inspectors at unnecessary risk.  We have more than one instance now where there have been COVID cases on construction sites, and our office was not notified in advance.  Do your part to keep everyone as safe as possible and please let us know when something is going on.  We won’t and don’t need any specific information, just a head’s up that it is an at risk situation.  Communication is key!  



The Sun Prairie Building Inspection Division is proud to announce that coming in August, we will be moving to a new online permit software called OpenGov Citizen Services.  All permit and commercial plan review customers will soon be able to apply for permits and commercial plan reviews, schedule inspections, receive real-time feedback on their applications, and track the status of their permit and inspection requests through a single online digital portal.


We will be rolling out our online service offerings in phases, the first step in being transitioning from our current legacy software system.  Once the migration is complete, staff will begin the process of both creating new applications in the system as well as “linking” existing applications to applicants in the system.  Over the coming weeks please keep on the lookout for more information as well as links to training articles and videos that will help guide you through setting up an account, applying for permits or commercial plan reviews, making payments, and scheduling inspections.


We anticipate beginning the phase 1 implementation in to the new system on Monday, August 23rd.  Ultimately, we believe that transitioning to OpenGov will provide the City with necessary solutions to meet the needs of staff and citizens for years to come.