2020 Multicultural Fair Radio Reboot

Sun Prairie Multicultural Fair: RADIO REBOOT

The second annual Sun Prairie Multicultural Fair will be held via radio and in installments spanning January – August 2021 in response to the limitations brought on by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Celebrating a region of the world each month, an hour long radio show will be hosted by SPMC staff and volunteers alongside a leader from the community being represented that month.

Radio Reboot Social Media

Join the conversation LIVE by tuning in to 103.5 The Sun, online at https://sunprairiemediacenter.com/103-5/, or by downloading the app by searching Sun Prairie Media Center in the Google Play or the App Store.

Schedule of Events: 

1/16/20214-5pmPoonam VermaListen here
2/20/20214-5pmHugh ChaListen here
3/20/20214-5pmDean MakuluniListen here
4/17/20214-5pmEvelyn CruzListen here
5/15/20214-5pmJohn DelgadoListen here
6/19/20214-5pmTerry Tao Listen here
7/17/20214-5pmTara WilhelmiListen here
8/21/20214-5pmShenika MossListen here

We are aiming to represent various communities through monthly performances and community conversations but these are broad representations. We also aim to have community conversations led by organizations that serve your community focused on how to support the community you identify with through non-profit work, targeted economic efforts or the like.

If you would like to support this effort or connect an organization to this effort please contact Sandy Xiong at sxiong@cityofsunprairie.com.