Request for Proposals on 402 E. Main St.

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RFP for 402 E Main/109-111 Vine Street

Q&A for Issued RFP (1/24/2020)

The following questions were received from prospective developers when reviewing the RFP, and staff responses were as follows:

Q: Has the City done any soil borings on the property?

A: Yes, three soil borings to a depth of 20 ft bgs were completed as part of the environmental review of the site. A phase 1 and phase 2 study was completed prior to issuance of the RFP. The soil borings were completed primarily to assess the potential for soil contamination, however, and not necessarily what may be needed to plan for construction on the site.

Q: Are the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports, including the soil samples, available for review?

A: Yes, the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports are available in the documentation linked to the RFP. You will find the most useful information regarding the soil samples within the Phase 2 report. This information can also be found at the following link: under ’Environmental Work’.

Q: Do you have an approximation on the duration for 1) closing and 2) the approvals process for special/conditional use for a mixed-use building?

A: 1) For closing, we would just have a normal closing process and we have no specific timeline in place at this time.
2) Regarding approval process, this would either require a Conditional Use Permit or could be taken as Planned Development. Either way both items would go through Planning Commission and require a Public Hearing. This process is a standard 6-8 weeks schedule. You can find the 2020 Development Review Calendar here.

Q: Is an approximation on the park/impact/traffic fees available?

A: There is not a traffic impact fee but would require a variety of other standard development fees. Please find the fees along with calculation sheet for reference found at under ’Other Information’ – all estimates and may need to be re-evaluated for 2020 costs.

Q: Regarding workforce housing, does the City have a income percentage per unit desired? Or a level of incentive per unit of workforce housing?

A: The City has not established the number of workforce housing needed but will be working on a Housing Needs Assessment in 2020. In past agreements with workforce housing elements, the City has not specifically offset those costs  through TIF incentives but would look at that in future agreements.

Q: Do you have a survey of the site?

A: Yes from 2011. See under ’Other Information’ for a link to the document.

Q: Do you anticipate making a decision on the RFP respondents by the end of February (more or less)?

A: We don’t have a set timeline, but are tentatively scheduled to review the responses with the CDA on February 20. Much of this will depend on the number and quality of responses we receive, and interviews with respondents, or with selected finalists from the pool of responses, will likely be part of the process. It is likely that this will take a little longer, but we intend to move this forward quickly if possible.

Central Commercial (CC) Zoning Information

17.16.030 - Table of Land Uses

17.16.050 - Regulations Applicable to All Land Uses

17.16.100 - Commercial Land Uses 

17.16.190 - Business District Overlay Regulations

Comprehensive Plan Designation

Downtown Mixed Use (Page 9-28 &9-29)