Redevelopment at 402 E Main/109-111 Vine Street

UPDATE 6/5/2020: On Tuesday, June 2, the Committee of the Whole voted to move forward with drafting a development agreement for land transfer and development of the Bougie Building. Timeline is to have the development agreement approved as soon as possible. The project’s zoning and site plan will need to be approved through a separate Conditional Use Permit process that will include Planning Commission and Common Council approval. A formal application for this has yet to be filed with the City on this process. Additional meetings and milestone dates are still to be determined.

RFP Submissions

The City of Sun Prairie received two proposals for the reuse and redevelopment of the properties at 402 E Main Street and 111 Vine Street. The following information is a collection of both proposals and existing site data.

Gladstone Building
Gladstone project

Bougie Building

Bougie Project

Information from the Community Development Authority (CDA) - March 2, 2020

Project Comparison - May 4, 2020

402 Comparison Updated

Request for Proposal Documents

Central Commercial (CC) Zoning Information

Comprehensive Plan Designation